How Kioxy works

Kioxy is a patented, innovative, personal infoboard for travellers. Users can get real time information from kiosk in the hotels or from their smart phones, both iOS and Android. Travellers can see detailed information about their hotel, activities or any special occasion program in their hotel, their transfer information, hotel guide contact details, tour operator guide assignments in their hotel, excursion info, weather forecast, travel tips and introductory about the city and country.

Kioxy admin portals are web based. Admins can use .csv files to add multiple data to Kioxy systems. Videos are uploaded through Youtube. (see link)

Agency users log on to Kioxy by their user name (email address) and password which are provided by Kioxy. All information in Kioxy systems can be updated and editted in real time.

All data in Kioxy systems are stored in high security encrypted cloud servers. All data are managed with need to know basis and only be used anonymously.

Yönetici ekranlarından eklenen veriler Kioxy’nin sanal sunucularında yüksek güvenlik ve şifrelemeler ile saklanmaktadır. Tüm bilgiler gizlilik esaslarına göre saklanmakta ve sadece problemlerin çözümü amacıyla ve sadece anonim olarak görüntülenebilmektedir.

You can call +90 242 351 00 22 or send email to for any questions. You can also use our widget on our help centre to ask any questions.

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