Agency admin panel

Agency admins can insert various information about their operation including detailed or summary transfer information, guide information, hotel guide and transfer guide assignments, excursion information, travel tips, introductory about country and city. All these information are flown down to kiosk at the hotels and mobile applications.

Agency users log on to Kioxy by their user name (email address) and password which are provided by Kioxy. All information in Kioxy systems can be updated and edited in real time.

All data in Kioxy systems are stored in high security encrypted cloud servers. All data are managed with need to know basis and only be used anonymously.

All transfer information are based on date validity system. Out-of-date transfers are not visible to customers.

You can send email to or call +90 242 351 00 22 if you have any questions. You can also use our widget on our help centre to ask any questions.

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