Bulk adding transfer information using csv

Rather than add transfers manually one at a time, you can add many transfers in a bulk import. You create a CSV (comma separated values) file that contains transfer data to import the data at once. It is mandatory to use UTF-8 as encoding since Kioxy systems are supporting more than one language.

The file must be properly formatted CSV and saved using UTF-8 character encoding.

The following table lists the fields that you can include in the file.
Date* dd/mm/yyyy
Voucher No* Alphanumeric
Name* Customer Name
Surname* Customer Surname
Hotel Name* Must be exactly the same hotel name in Kioxy system
From Departure Airport
To Arrival Airport or Excursion Name
Flight No Airport Flight Number
Flight Time Flight Time (HH:MM)
Pickup Time* Pickup time at customer hotel (HH:MM)
Vehicle No Vehicle license plate number
Guide Name* Transfer guide name
Guide Phone Transfer guide phone number
Notes Notes if applicable

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Here's a CSV example for adding a transfer:

01.01.2016; 123456; Ali; Genç; Paradise Hotel; ATY; Moscow; TK1234; 20:00; 18:00; ; Murat Kurt; ;

If the name of the hotel is not in Kioxy system, or if date or time does not meet our format, the import will fail.

You can upload csv file from your local computer by clicking on "CSV dosyası yükle" button.

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